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Rights of The People and the Government

All people are created equal and enjoy the same rights.


Rights of the People

The rights of the People are not granted by a governing body, but instead are bestowed upon them by their God, and they are held to be self-evident in nature. All People have an unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and Property, and the Government’s sole purpose in its existence is to protect these rights of The People.

Everyone has a right to life. Defense of self and/or others is the only situation in which the use of force against another is justified.

All people are inherently free from oppression and subjugation by their government(s) or otherwise and I oppose any attempt by the government to restrict an individual’s liberty and freedom.

Property is an intrinsic right of all people. Ownership is sovereign and seizure or taxation of an individual’s property is a direct violation of their basic human rights.

When the People elect a representative to the government, they are giving that representative the right to communicate and negotiate with the government in their stead. Fundamentally, the People have the right to complete open and honest communication with their representative and the representative is obligated to maintain transparency with his/her constituents.


The Rights of the Government

The Government does not inherently possess power of any kind, for it is comprised of people no different than those within the jurisdiction of said Government. The Government derives its power and authority from the consent of the governed People. The Government exists by the consent of the governed for the purpose of protecting their rights from those who wish to impede on them. It is a system by which the People resolve disputes and maintain civility, and those working in government are tasked with working to protect the rights of the People. Government officials hold no inherent authority over the People and are intended to behave as moderators to help the system function, if needed.

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