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I believe in a strong family unit that is responsible for educating their children. Parents have the only opinion that matters when it comes to educating their own children. I do not have the right to tell you what, how, and when a particular topic will be taught to your child; that is the decision of the parents and the parents alone.

I believe that a federally controlled education system instituting a federally controlled curriculum is the definition of indoctrination. The federal government should have no say whatsoever in what is taught in schools. Cultural and communal norms vary greatly with geographical areas, and it is impossible to create one consistent curriculum that spans every community while agreeing with all of them.

The first step that needs to be taken to correct our corrupt and broken system is to increase school-to-parent transparency. The best way to ensure that this takes place is by instituting a school-choice voucher system that empowers parents to send their children to the school(s) that they believe best educate their kids.

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