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Economy, Trade, & Taxes

General Economy and Trade

I believe in an open economy, rife with competition to drive prices down and wages up. The idea of “free trade” gets demonized by both sides of the aisle because the current regime takes it too far. We need “free trade” nationally, but we need “fair trade” internationally. This means incentivizing businesses to grow within the United States instead of moving overseas to ship goods back to be sold. Not only does this damage our economy by displacing jobs, but it makes us dependent on foreign powers for our goods and resources. This puts us in dire straits when there are international issues, like a pandemic or a war. I believe in liberty and independence and we, as a nation, cannot achieve that while depending on others for our medical devices, pharmaceuticals, oil, etc.

Federal Reserve and Inflation

I believe that the federal government actively takes steps to damage the US economy, by robbing the people with taxes and inflation and sending our hard-earned money to other countries for unnecessary projects that do not benefit those who are paying for them.

When the federal government passes a bill, like an omnibus spending bill, or a stimulus package, that requires the Federal Reserve to print trillions of dollars, they are robbing you of your buying power. The US Dollar has a certain value, in part, because there is a limited quantity in circulation. When the quantity increases, the value decreases relatively, effectively acting as a tax on everyone.

We need to put an end to fractional reserve banking and lending. Banks are creating their own money every day when they issue loans, and it has been crippling our economy ever since President Nixon ended the gold standard in 1971.

I believe that the Federal Reserve is a corrupt institution that exists as a way for the federal government to illegally manipulate our economy. The people should not be subject to a monetary system that can be inflated at the will of a “private” institution. The Federal Reserve should be dissolved, and states and local jurisdictions should be encouraged to develop their own currencies to compete with each other, and these currencies should be subject to limits of quantity determined by their respective jurisdictions. As in all cases, competition breeds success; a heavily regulated system, however, restricts the natural flow of capital and slows the economy.



I believe that forceful seizure of personal property or assets is a violation of our most basic human rights of life, liberty, and property. The current tax system is redundant, and it is not clear to what program(s) funds are apportioned. The People should not be forced by the government to fund projects and operations that are against their morals and beliefs. For these reasons, I believe that taxation is theft, and the government has no right to use force or the threat thereof to seize a sovereign citizen’s property or assets. These United States exist because the Founding Fathers recognized that a system that taxes its people and denies them representation on their behalf is a system bound to collapse.

My goals are to lower all taxes, and abolish certain taxes (i.e., property tax, estate tax, federal income tax, etc.) outright. The federal government brings in trillions of dollars every year ($3.32 trillion in 2018), more than 85% ($2.8 trillion or about $8,600 per person in the US) of which comes from income and payroll taxes alone. In a free market economy, that money would be traded for goods and services by the people who rightfully earned it.

Since all people are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor, I oppose all government activity which consists of the forcible seizure of property or assets from individuals in violation of their individual rights and strive for the eventual repeal of all taxation. To that end, I call for the repeal of the federal income tax, estate tax, property tax, the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service and all federal programs and services not required under the U.S. Constitution. I oppose forcing employers to serve as tax collectors by withholding wages on behalf of the government. I support any initiative to reduce or abolish any tax and will oppose any increase on any tax for any reason.

The government is a business that produces no material goods and therefore cannot give, donate, or distribute anything to anyone that was not first taken from someone else. The few services the government provides are poorly operated monopolies, with the intent of extracting wealth and value from the system.

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