Of the District. For the District.

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I am fighting back against the establishment! The RINO Tom Kean, backed by the corrupt NJGOP, convinced a judge to arbitrarily remove my name from the ballot that will be printed for the election in November. Appealing the ruling is proving to be expensive, because the state keeps hitting us with fees to stop us. Click the button below to donate to my GiveSendGo and help me get my name back on the ballot! 

Meet Clayton

Of the District.

For the District.

Clayton Pajunas was born and raised right here in New Jersey's 7th District, and has lived here his whole life. After being involved in politics for so long and seeing the way politics is trending and how it is taking over the cultural space, he decided to step up and make a difference. The two major parties are ripping the country in half by playing partisan games and opposing simply to oppose. Clayton represents the liberty and personal freedoms that this country was founded on, as well as the common sense needed to solve our nation's issues in a rational way.





PO Box 601, Somerville, NJ 08876

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